Glow in the Dark Squeaky Dog Ball Toy

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Goodboy Glow in the dark squeaky bouncy dog toy. Football pattern. 65mm diameter.

Great fun for dogs. They come in 3 bright colours and can be left near a light source to "charge". 

Great for being able to spot when the light is fading, or even during the day due to the florescent style colours.

  • Great fun
  • Squeaks
  • Bounces
  • Glow in the dark
  • Easy to see

Please Note: As with any glow-in-the-dark item, these need to be left near a light source (for example, simply left out in the living room etc with the light on) for a while so it can "charge". The ball absorbs the light energy and will slowly emit it again while out in the dark.
The longer it is left near a light, the brighter it will be.
Once out in the dark it will glow and fade slowly. Enjoy!
This is a throw & fetch toy and the rope is not designed to be chewed.
Price shown is per ball. A random colour will be dispatched. If you want to request a certain colour, please add this to the note when ordering - however we can not guarantee that colour will be instock.

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