Antos Deer Antler Chews for Dogs - 100% Natural Chew

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Antos Antler 100% Natural Dog Chews
  • 100% Natural antlers for dogs
  • Low cost and long lasting
  • No sharp points
  • Full of minerals, protein and calcium
  • Helps to strengthen teeth
  • Sustainable
Our Antos Antlers for dogs are from Red Deer and Fallow deer, much of which is from Scottish highland herds, and have simply been cleaned (with no chemicals) and cut to various sizes/weights for dogs to chew on. Sharp points have been removed to make them safe. Antler is a healthy chew, full of minerals and calcium. They are long lasting*, and as they are unprocessed, they should not splinter either. The Antos Antler satisfies a dog’s natural urge to chew, whilst also helping to strengthen and clean teeth. There is no odour from antler, and as your dog grinds down the antler over time, there is also very little mess. Being a naturally grown chew, no two antlers are the same. Some are a harder dark brown colour whilst others are a softer greyish/white. They also come in various shapes and sizes, keeping your dog interested for longer. Our deer antler chews come from a sustainable, natural resource.
*Please note, how long these last depend on your dog. The full antlers are more suitable to dog who are medium to strong chewers. If your dog is a light chewer, you may be better with one of our split antlers, which are softer and easier to chew through. The split antler allows easier access to the softer inside of the antler. 

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